Locked Outside of My House in Brooklyn, NY

What Should I Do When I’m Locked Outside of My House in Brooklyn, NY

When I’m locked outside of my house in Brooklyn, NY, what do I do? Losing your keys or leaving them inside and realizing it when you have to drive the car or get into the house can be a stressful moment and a shocking one. What do you do, especially if it is at night? Who do you call? Well, Central Locksmiths in Brooklyn, NY are here to answer these important questions while giving you some advice. 

Locked Outside of My House or Business

If you’re locked out of your home or business premises, a professional locksmith can help pick the lock and securely open the door with no damage. Common issues our team can help with include:

-Locked out with no key

-Key snapped in the lock

-Locked out with the key inside the door. 

-Key stuck and the door won’t open. 

Our team of professional locksmiths can unlock and gain entry to all sorts of door locks such as night latches, locks fitted to wooden doors, euro cylinder locks, etc. 


Locked out of My House Without a Key

If you’re locked out of your premises because you have misplaced or lost the keys, you will need the immediate assistance of a locksmith. If it is late at night, you do not have to fret as we provide round the clock emergency services. Our team is trained to open all kinds of locks in a manner that doesn’t compromise the security and structural integrity of your expensive doors. Our locksmiths are trained, qualified and properly insured, so you do not have to stress. 

Locked Out of My House with a Broken Lock

If the lock is broken, a professional locksmith will be able to open the door and recommend a new one. If necessary, they can help in upgrading the lock. Since door lock replacement is a specialty service, our team can help you with the following:

-Replacing the lock if it is faulty or damaged

-Changing/fitting a new one

-Upgrading your locks to ensure they meet your home insurance provider’s requirements. 

Locked Out of My House with the Key Broken in Lock

If your key has broken when attempting to open the door, a qualified locksmith can easily help you by doing the following:

-Removing the key from the lock carefully to avoid damage

-Open the lock to gain entry

-Cut a new key that works with your existing lock


Preventing Being Locked Out in The Future

These are simply examples of situations that our experts can help you with when you are locked outside. To avoid this ordeal in the future, there are a few things you can do:

-Door restrictors are excellent for preventing the doors from shutting behind you. 

-You can have roller rim locks installed as they require a key to be turned in the cylinder in order to lock them from the outside. 

-Inspect and oil your locks. This is something that most people overlook, but can easily lead to stuck or broken keys in the lock.

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Locks are essential for our safety and our possessions. A proper lock is required and when you are locked outside your house in Brooklyn, you should have professionals on call. Don’t hesitate to call Central Locksmiths at (718) 355-9634 today!